Apex Legends Steam Launch Options for 2021 [Working]

The Steam client is much more than a launcher for your games. It provides you a lot of flexibility over the settings of the game you want to launch with, but Apex Legends is particularly interesting because it runs on source, meaning you can change more settings from Steam than other games. Steam launch options allow you to set a particular settings for the game. It’s particularly useful, when you cannot access the menu of the game due to crashing at startup, but that’s just one of the reasons. Certain launch options may not be available from the in-game menu which you can set via the Steam client. These include settings that can moderate FPS and improve the performance of games. Stick with us and we will show you the best Apex Legends Steam launch options and how to use them.

How to Use Apex Legends Steam Launch Options

Now that Apex Legends is on Steam, users on the Origin client may be wondering if they can use the old launch options on the Origin client, the answer is yes you can. In order to use the launch options. Close the game if you have it open on Steam and follow the below steps.

  1. Launch the Steam Client
  2. Head over to the Library section
  3. Right-click on the game and go to Properties
  4. In the General tab, you will find the LAUNCH OPTIONS
  5. Use this space to enter one or multiple Apex Legends Steam Launch Options we have shared below.

That’s it and you are good to go. Now, let’s have a look at the various launch options you can try.

Apex Legends Steam Launch Options for 2021

Here are the various Apex Legends Steam Launch Options for 2021 in the order of the most common first and the advanced later.

-full / -fullscreenThe command will overwrite your in-game settings and launch the game in Fullscreen.
-window / -windowedThe same goes for windowed mode, this command will launch the game in windowed mode even when you have set in-game to Fullscreen. If the game is crashing at startup, this is an option you can try to troubleshoot.
-devYou should not use this option unless there is a problem launching the game. The command disables the intro video, but can also lead to the game stuttering or crashing.
-highIf you are looking for better performance in Apex Legends, you can use this option. It sets the game to high priority, but has a downside, the game can become instable and lead to crash.
+fps_max (FPS Value)The launch option can be used to limit the FPS of the game. You can choose between two values and use that without the bracket to set the launch option. By setting the FPS Value as 1, you will match the in-game FPS with your monitor’s refresh rate, which is what we advise. The second value you can use is 0, which sets the game’s FPS to unlimited, but can cause instability.
+cl_showfps 4Use this option to see the FPS while in-game.
+cl_showpos 1Use this option to see the Position, Name, Velocity, and Angle while in-game.
-w 1920You can use this command to specify the Resolution Width. We suggest you use it with the next command, which is for height of the screen. You can change the number depending on the resolution width you want.
-h 1080You can use this command to specify the Resolution Height. We suggest you use it with the above command, which is for Width of the screen. You can change the number depending on the Resolution Height you want.
-nosoundThis one requires no explaining. If you want to disable the sound in Apex Legends for some reason, use this command.  
-cl_forcepreload (1/0)One of my favourite commands. You can set the value to -cl_forcepreload 1 to load the game elements such as texture, assets, and sound before you jump in the game. It great for increasing the game’s performance, but will slow down the loading. Setting it to 0 will speed up the loading but may hamper game’s performance initially.  
-forcenovsyncAs the launch option indicates, this will turn off the game’s V-Sync. Useful when you face screen tearing, but may affect performance.
+twitch_prime_linked 1With this option, you can trick the game into thinking you have a Twitch Prime account and can benefit from the loot available for the account holders.

So, use the above Apex Legends Steam Launch Options to boost the performance of the game, troubleshoot issues with the game, and just to have a good time customized to your preference. Let us know if we missed something in the comments or if a code is not working. At the time of writing all commands were confirmed to be working.  

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