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Apex Legends Can’t Choose Legend on Load Screen Bug

Apex Legends Can’t Choose Legend on Load Screen Bug

The Apex Legends can’t choose Legend on load screen bug first appeared mid-season in Season 9 and has transferred to Season 10. Affected players do not get the option to choose the legend instead they are stuck with a screen that has the blurred map in the background. So far, the issue seems to be mostly affecting consoles, particularly PS4 and Xbox One. The bug appears on both Ranked and Battle Royale matches, but it seems to be more common on PS4 and BR matches.

The issue has been affecting the game since a while ago with little to no acknowledgment from the developers. The community manager at the EA forum has acknowledged the issue, but at this point, it feels like they acknowledge anything you post there without any fix on the works. We hope we are wrong and the issue gets resolved soon, but it’s been nearly 2 months since the last acknowledgment on the forum while players keep getting affected and are unable to progress their main.

The only way to fix the Apex Legends – legend select screen bug is to restart the match and hope the game is not bugged at the time, which is a pain as the game is also affected by other bugs that fail at matchmaking and fill all the spots on the team.

A solution suggested by the Community Manager at EA suggests repairing the game files and indicates that may be the cause of the problem. But, we think you must have already tried that. If not give it a shot. Or try to reinstall the game and check if that prevents the bug from resurfacing. As the bug has not affected a large majority of players it’s possible the problem could be with the game; hence, a repair or reinstall may help on your respective platform.

Another EA Community Manager reported that a patch went out to address the Apex Legend can’t select legend bug, but that was four weeks back and the bug continues to haunt players to this day.

If repairing the game files did not help; unfortunately, there is nothing more you can do about the bug other than waiting for a patch from the developers. 

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  1. I can’t access any of my legends I’ve spent all of this money and can’t access anything on my account this bar just moves back and forth were my apex coins are supposed to show materials to just a grey/white bar I have every legend I’ve put so much time into this game and now all of my stuff just doesn’t exist anymore ok so do I get reimbursed for all of my skins and money if spent

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