All We Know About Fontaine’s Archon in Genshin Impact

 All We Know About Fontaine’s Archon in Genshin Impact

Fontaine is the Hydro Nation and is the next nation in line for release in Genshin Impact. Though its release is still far away, the recent slew of Fontaine leaks has told us a lot about the Hydro Archon who up till this point was only known as Focalors. Here in this article, we list all that we know about her- including her leaked character model and info on her weapon type.

Genshin Impact’s Fontaine Has Two Hydro Archons

Yes, you heard us right- Fontaine has two Hydro Archons. The late Hydro Archon resembles Seele, and the current Hydro Archon resembles Durandal. These are Honkai characters which is another game owned by Hoyoverse or Mihoyo.

The late Archon is a teen female with white hair with a gradient towards navy blue and shorts. She is said to be sly, cunning and rather mischievous. The current Archon is an adult female with gold hair with a gradient towards sky blue and is mostly armoured. She is a strict, righteous and solemn demeanour.

We already have the model of the Hydro Archon Focalors. The image below much more resembles that of Seele’s description. She’s also referred to by leakers as the “late” Hydro Archon. That said, Fontaine is still said to have two Hydro Archons. So we’re not sure if one of the two is truly “late” per se.

We still don’t have even a sliver of idea about her kit but speculations used to strongly claim that she wielded a Claymore- which would make her the first known Hydro Claymore user. Recently, however, this claim has been refuted. We still don’t know her exact weapon type but Claymore is apparently not even a contender anymore- and this comes from a trusted leaker.

Players can still expect one Hydro claymore character from Fontaine as leakers have previously said that a Hydro claymore user does indeed exist- they just don’t know who it is. There have also been whispers about a Cryo catalyst user which would again be a first. All of these are of course massively STC so take everything with a grain of salt. Since the Fontaine leaks have been unprecedented, chances are Genshin devs will overhaul everything while they still have the chance.

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