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4-Star Supports in Genshin Impact Tier List

4-Star Supports in Genshin Impact Tier List

With Sumeru knocking on our doors with Version 3.0 “The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings”, players can hardly wait to venture into the new region. We all need a reliable team when venturing into new areas and every reliable team needs excellent support. Understandably most won’t have a full 5-star team and since many best supports are 4-stars, we thought we’d make a tier list of all the 4-star supports.

Tier List of 4-Star Supports in Genshin Impact

4-star units in Genshin Impact are flexible and even though many of them can function as DPS units, many also have a support function. These are generally balanced units that can be built both ways. A majority of the 4-star units can thus be used as support. The following tier list lists all the 4-star units that can be used as support. The missing characters are DPS-only.


These are must-build units that’ll serve you till the endgame. They fill multiple roles with high efficiency as all great supports should.

  • Bennett– Dmg buff, Healing.
  • Xinqiu– Sub-DPS, Reaction.
  • Xiangling– Sub-DPS, Reaction.
  • Fischl– Reaction, Energy Battery.
  • Diona– Shield, Healing.


The following are also great units and will serve your teams well throughout the endgame. They have high longevity and you won’t regret giving them a chance.

  • Kaeya– Reaction, Sub-DPS.
  • Beidou– Sub-DPS, Reaction.
  • Sucrose– Reaction, Crowd Control.
  • Rosaria– Reaction, Sub-DPS.
  • Sayu– Healing, Mobility, Reaction.


The following characters are good but either fill niche roles or fall off in terms of viability in the late game. Build them only if you have a need for their niche uses.

  • Noelle– Shield, Healing.
  • Sara– Dmg Boost.
  • Yun Jin– Dmg Boost, Sub-DPS.
  • Gorou– Geo Support.
  • Barbara– Healing.
  • Chongyun– Sub-DPS.
  • Thoma– Shield.


These are just straight-up bad units not worth the resources to build. They have flawed or severely underpowered kits.

  • Xinyan– Shield, Physical Dmg Buff.
  • Kuki Shinobu– Reaction, Healing.
  • Lisa– Reaction.
  • Amber– Sub-DPS, Reaction

Of course, all tier lists are subjective so take us with a grain of salt. The above characters, despite their functionality, are all lovable characters, and if you have an emotional attachment then who are we to stop you? Use whoever you wish and best of luck!

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