YouTube video views dropping or disappearing issue

 YouTube video views dropping or disappearing issue

YouTube is one of the most widely-used video platforms in the world, with billions of users watching and sharing videos every day. However, many YouTubers have reported that their video views have been dropping or disappearing altogether. This issue can be frustrating and detrimental to a YouTuber’s channel, as it affects their visibility, engagement, and ultimately, their income. In this article, we will explore some of the reasons why YouTube video views may be dropping or disappearing and discuss ways to mitigate or prevent this from happening.

Why are Youtube views dropping or disappearing

One of the main reasons why YouTube video views may be dropping or disappearing is due to changes in YouTube’s algorithm. The algorithm is constantly being updated to improve the user experience and promote content that is deemed high-quality and relevant. However, this can also lead to videos being buried or removed from search results if they are deemed low-quality or irrelevant. This means that even if a video has been performing well in the past, it may no longer be as visible to viewers if it doesn’t match the current criteria set by the algorithm.

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Additionally, one more reason for the drop in views could be related to a decrease in audience engagement. If viewers are not engaging with your videos then YouTube’s algorithm may interpret this as a sign that your content is not relevant or interesting, and will therefore bury your video in search results. To increase engagement, it is essential to create high-quality and relevant content,

Youtube has strict guidelines, if you are trying to give views from your own device or a single device, then youtube will consider it as spam and the views will not be considered. If the views count, then it will disappear after a certain time.

However, it is important to understand that the drop in views or disappearance of views is not always caused by a bug or an issue with YouTube’s systems. There are several other reasons why this could happen.

What to do if youtube views are dropping or disappearing?

Currently there are no such fixes available as the issue is not from the user’s end it’s due to the youtube algorithm. The Youtube algorithm keeps updating and nowadays it is very critical. A few days ago youtube suspended millions of channels due to spam & violations policy. 

As per some users their videos have been invalid clicks, which doesn’t count in the views, as per youtube system.

So, Make sure that prevent your videos from spammy & invalid clicks, otherwise you will lose the views

Also, Make sure that your videos follow the youtube guidelines.

Next, check the engagement on your video. Are people liking, commenting, and sharing the video? If not then encourage your viewers to engage with your videos.

Youtube supporters are Acknowledged of this issue and they stated that they’re working on it. So, keep an eye on upcoming youtube updates to get your issue solved.

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