Xbox Series S is Going to Get Pricier in India

The Xbox Series S is going to get price hiked, at least in India. Microsoft announced that the new prices are going to take effect from June 30. Since the Xbox Series X and Series S were introduced back in 2020, their prices have remained constant. All accompanying accessories, like Xbox controllers, headsets, etc. were also being sold at a constant price. However, the hardware scenario has been facing a lot of problems for the last couple of years. The global chip shortage is a thing, and massive unprecedented inflation is taking a toll on manufacturing. These might be reasons for the Xbox console’s price hike as well.

Recently, industry insider Rishi Alwani (Twitter user @OxSkeptic) tweeted the revised prices of the Xbox Series S consoles and other Xbox accessories in India. The new prices are going to take effect from June 30. Customers can buy the console and the accessories at the current prices until then.

This price hike is not a complete surprise as we have seen other hardware manufacturers like Nvidia and AMD follow the same path before, thanks to the chip shortage. Sony and Microsoft also were hit by the shortage. But, the companies have maintained the aggressive pricing of the consoles throughout the tough times. But, that seems to change along with these revised prices.

The Xbox Series S is not getting pricier globally. Only the Indian regional price is getting hiked. This hints at the fact that the chip shortage is not causing the price hike. Probably the ongoing inflation is the reason behind this price hike.

What are the New Prices of the Xbox Consoles and Accessories?

The Xbox Series S’ price is being hiked by a solid Rs 2,000. The new price is Rs 36,990 up from Rs 34,990 it was available for since launch. Alongside the Xbox Series S price hike, the official Xbox controllers will now be priced at Rs. 5,590, up from Rs. 5,390 it was previously available at. The Xbox Wireless Headset is also seeing a price hike from Rs. 8,990 to Rs. 9,490. The Xbox Series X will not see a price hike.

These new prices will be implemented from June 30.

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