World of Warcraft ‘Elusive Creature Bait’ bug or not working issue

Mycle Ahir
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World of Warcraft (WoW) has been a beloved game for over many years, with players continuously exploring its vast world and uncovering new adventures. However, with new updates come new bugs and glitches that can hinder players’ experiences. One of the most recent issues that players have been facing is with the ‘Elusive Creature Bait’ in WoW.

The ‘Elusive Creature Bait’ is an item that players can use to attract elusive creatures in WoW. It is an essential tool for players who want to complete their collections or complete certain quests. However, since the recent update, many players have reported that the bait is not working as intended.

According to reports, players have been unable to place the bait on the ground to lure creatures, even though the item is present in their inventory. This bug has frustrated many players who rely on the bait for their gameplay. The Blizzard Entertainment support team has officially acknowledged the issue on Twitter, but no official ETA for a bug fix has been provided yet.

It has been reported that the Elusive Creature bait has been disabled by the developers due to a bug.

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So, what can players do to fix this issue? Unfortunately, there is no surefire solution that players can implement on their own. As the issue is a bug within the game’s code, only the developers can fix it through an update or patch.

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