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Will Warzone COD Points Transfer To Warzone 2

Warzone will enter a second chapter from Quarter 4, 2022. Warzone 2 will launch a couple of weeks after Modern Warfare 2 launches later this year. The new game will introduce a new map and new operators.

Warzone is already in a finale. The final season of the game has introduced some of the worst villains in the history of Call of Duty. Caldera has been heated with volcanic activity. Thus, the game might come to an end with this season.

Can games transfer their COD points to Warzone 2?

Gamers are looking forward to the upcoming Warzone sequel. The first Warzone game was launched in March 2020. A lot of gamers have put their hard work into this game building up their profile. Thus, as the game draws to a close and gets replaced by a sequel, fans would be looking forward to carrying their progress into the new Warzone chapter.

But, the sad news is Call of Duty gamers will be entering a fresh start with the upcoming Warzone game. Thus, gamers will have to start fresh in this title. No progress from the first Warzone game, including inventories, skins, loadouts, and camos, will be brought forward.

It is expected that the old Warzone game will not be shut down. Thus, gamers who do not want to lose their progress can linger to the title in case they do not want to lose their progress.

However, for those who want to start fresh with Modern Warfare 2 and the new Warzone title, it is recommended that they switch to the new game. The new game will get more content, will be supported longer than the current Warzone title, and will continue the story further. Also, the esports community would move to the new title. Thus, there is no reason to stick to the old title.

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