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Will there be a Ranked Playlist in Warzone Pacific?

Will There be a Ranked Playlist in Warzone Pacific

Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific brings many new features to the game, and players are praising the Pacific Caldera map a lot. But one of the most requested things in Warzone Pacific is the Ranked Mode. Since its release, players have been searching for the Ranked Mode and Ranked Playlist.

This article will discuss if there is any Ranked Playlist available in Warzone Pacific.

Ranked Mode and Ranked Playlist in Warzone Pacific – Available or Not?

The Ranked mode allows the players to compete against each other to climb up high on their ranks. Usually, Battle-royales feature this Mode. Famous games like Fortnite or Apex Legends have this feature available. But until now, COD: Warzone Pacific has no Ranked Mode added. Naturally, when there is no Ranked Mode, there is no Ranked Playlist.

Players are requesting it repeatedly, but Raven Software hasn’t announced anything regarding this issue until now. Players are guessing that Raven Software is probably not adding the Ranked Mode and Ranked Playlist in Warzone because hackers cause trouble to other players. Some players think it is difficult for the game to survive without the Ranked Mode.

Players love this mode because it allows them to compete and get good ranks. It is kind of satisfactory to see your rank climb up. Therefore, they want this mode to COD: Warzone Pacific badly and frequently request for this mode to be added. But Raven Software is silent, so it is hard to tell if the Ranked Mode will come in the future or not.

That’s all you need to know about the Ranked Mode and Ranked Playlist in Warzone Pacific. However, if you are curious about the Ranked Playlist in Warzone Pacific, it is sad to know that no Ranked Playlist is available in Warzone Pacific. Go through our guide to get more information about it.

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