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Why Raiden Shogun is One of a Kind in Genshin Impact

What Makes Raiden Shogun Different

Genshin Impact released Raiden Shogun on Version 2.1 and the game has never been the same since. She rivals the likes of Zhongli in terms of her support and DPS capabilities but what makes her unique is that there’s no other unit like her in the game. As we’re heading off into Sumeru, she’s one of the greatest characters you can have on your team as you explore the new region.

What Makes Raiden Shogun Different

Most supports in the game fill a role that can also be filled by a few other characters. Zhongli isn’t the only reliable shielder in the game and there are other healers in the game besides Kokomi. As for sub-DPS- both Xinqiu and Yelan fill the same role just like many others of different elements. When it comes to damage-boosting support, we have so many characters besides Bennett to consider even though he’s objectively the best.

Raiden Shogun on the other hand is the only energy support in the game. You could argue how the likes of Venti or Fischl also serve as batteries but they are at best batteries for characters belonging to their own element. Raiden Shogun on the other hand is the only character that actively gives her teammates energy and buffs their elemental burst damage. In return, she also benefits from their elemental burst damage costs by building up her sigils and dishing out a stronger elemental burst of her own.

Her elemental skill and burst are like no other and having her on your team lifts all your worries about burst costs of other characters and whether you’ll have them up on time when you need it. With proper rotations and team-building, you can even spam elemental bursts one after the other with her on your team.

Raiden Shogun is one of the best, if not the best support in the game, and her DPS potential in her burst mode is just cherry on top. She also allows for consistent electro elemental reactions with her E skill. If you were ever in doubt about pulling for her, let this article rest your mind and urge you to preserve your Primogems for the next time she has a rerun banner.

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