Why is One Piece Odyssey Not Available in India?

 Why is One Piece Odyssey Not Available in India?

One Piece Odyssey is releasing on 13th January, 2023, much to the excitement of One Piece fans across the globe. However, some countries cannot enjoy this game, as it is not available to them yet. One of these countries is India, where the Steam client shows the game as not available. In this article, we will try to answer the question of why One Piece Odyssey is not available in India.

Why Can’t I Find One Piece Odyssey on Steam?

As One Piece is one of the largest franchises in the game, it might be confusing to some as to why the game is not available in India. Ardent fans will be aware that One Piece the anime isn’t available on Netflix as well. If you are wondering why One Piece seems so unpopular in India, this isn’t the case. 

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There are a lot of One Piece and anime fans in India. One Piece Odyssey is a game that a lot of players are looking forward to, so it’s natural that they will try to look it up. When you try to search for the game One Piece Odyssey on Steam in India, it will not show up. You can search for the game on Google and click on the first link that leads to Steam, but unfortunately, you will get the following error.

On Netflix India, you are not able to see One Piece in the listings, whereas you can watch it in other countries. You can use VPN to bypass this obstacle and watch it anyway. You can also do this for Steam, but this leads to the question of why it is unavailable. 

There is speculation that this is due to some licensing issues. Games based on the popular anime series Dragon Ball Z also encountered the same issues, but it seems to be fixed now. We hope that the same follows for One Piece Odyssey as well, and players in India can access the game to play it.

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