Why is Ellie so Important in The Last of Us (HBO)

 Why is Ellie so Important in The Last of Us (HBO)

After a month of anticipation, The Last of Us is finally here. Let’s see how the show develops after the trailer piqued our interest. The TV version of the same-named video game released in 2013 is full of drama, excitement, and, most importantly, the action that the show will provide. The star cast looks incredible. The 2013 game was a smash hit, and the same can be said about the show. Its plot revolves around an apocalypse produced by a virus and all that occurs as a result of the virus. Many games have been created after being inspired by a web series or a movie, but The Last of Us is a web show that is based on a game; how cool is that? 

The first episode of The Last of Us has aired, and the show appears to be promising because it contains everything that gamers who have played the game are searching for, as well as being great for people that appreciate action thrillers. There are many important characters in the show and the game, but Ellie is above all of them. 

In this guide, we will discuss why Ellie is so important in The Last of Us.

The importance of Ellie in The Last of Us (HBO)

The audience members who have watched the first episode of the show must be wondering why Marlene, who is the head of the Firefly group, keeps talking about Ellie. So, Ellie is basically one of the first characters who are immune to the virus that has spread across the United States and is the reason behind the apocalypse in the country. She (Marlene) wants to use her to create the formula for the Cordyceps Brain Infection (CBI), and Ellie can be crucial for her as she is immune to the virus that attacks the brain and turns the infected person into a zombie-like creature.

In the end, that is all that the audience should know about Ellie so as to avoid any further spoilers about the show, and we wish you the best with the show.

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