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Why Genshin Impact’s 2nd Anniversary is Better Than Its First

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Genshin Impact’s 2nd Anniversary is just around the corner and while all players agree the Anniversary rewards this time are better than its first Anniversary, many players are still disappointed with the rewards and are demanding more. This article will discuss why the rewards from Genshin Impact’s 2nd Anniversary are better than its first and why players are already getting their money’s worth through other means to compensate for the lack of free characters or pulls.

Genshin Impact’s Philosophy of Rewarding Players

Genshin Impact is a gacha game and most gacha games lure new and older players using generous Anniversary rewards. 

This is however a tactic employed by generic gacha games because they lack the quality needed to keep players hooked and engaged. Genshin Impact is a successful game with a dedicated player base due to its amazing story, world and characters. Genshin Impact, despite being managed by a billion-dollar company, has no obligation to lure players back to playing it because players aren’t usually leaving the game in the first place. 

The 2nd Anniversary Rewards include 20 pulls and two commemorative gadgets which players can flaunt to say that they were here during the 2nd Anniversary. This alone is improvement enough. And for all those who demand more free pulls or 5-stars, they have to take a step back and comprehend the sheer quality of Genshin Impact despite it being a perfectly playable and enjoyable free game.

From all the recent offline collaborations to the attention to detail in the latest region of Sumeru, Genshin Impact has outdone itself recently. The game has since the very beginning hired orchestras for their music which we even get to see performances of on Youtube. Recently Genshin Impact also announced its “long-term project” collaboration with Ufotable- one of the best and leading animation studios and we even saw a concept trailer of what an anime of Genshin would look like.

Version 3.1 of Genshin is just around the corner and players are already hyped about it- not just for the new upcoming characters or bosses but also for the tidbits of the Archon Quest we got in the trailer. Most players enjoy the exploration, music, story and characters more than the meta or combat aspect of it. So commemorative rewards are good enough for players to flaunt and say they were here when it happened. 

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