Why Can’t I See Ranks in Dead By Daylight

Harsh Clif
Harsh Clif

Dead By Daylight is an incredible game and the regular changes to improve the gameplay are what has kept the game alive after all these years. When introducing something new, there is always the chance of failure. With that note, you should know that the Skill-Based Matchmaking has returned to the game for a brief period for the purpose of the test. The last time the feature was introduced it caused a bunch of issues, but Behaviour Interactive is giving it another shot. After the recent patch, if you can’t see ranks in Dead By Daylight, here is what you need to know.

Why is Dead By Daylight Ranks Not Showing

The Dead By Daylight Ranks not showing is not a bug or an error in the game. It’s something that the developers have intended with the Skill-Based Matchmaking. Unlike in the past, when you head for a match you will not be able to see the rank.

Currently and when the SBMM (Skill-Based Matchmaking) becomes live, the current rank system will not work and the game will use an unrevealed system to match players. Does the system work now? Not according to a lot of players.

Since the new matchmaking went live, players have been complaining that winning a few matches puts them against a very high-rank player and the match is no fun anymore. If you want the rank system to show, there is good news. The SBMM is only a test and not coming to the game now. The test will conclude on the 16th of Aug after which the rank will start to show before matches.

Behaviour Interactive’s Plan with SBMM

When the SBMM is implemented fully and the game starts to use regularly, the ranks will be used for monthly rewards. The higher the rank of the player every month, the more Bloodpoints they will get.

While in the current test, the ranks are not reset. When SBMM becomes like, the rank of players will be rest to 20. The rank will not play a role in matchmaking. Instead, a new system is in development that will be used for matchmaking.

When the new SBMM system becomes live, taking a break from the game will have an impact on the rank.

So, that is all you need to know about why the Dead By Daylight ranks are not showing.  

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