Who is Frey in Forspoken & How Old is She

 Who is Frey in Forspoken & How Old is She

Forspoken is the latest action-adventure game by Square Enix, released on 24th January 2023. The game has created excitement among players since it was released in 2020, and then after playing the game’s demo, players have willingly waited for this game to release officially. However, like every other action role-playing game, this game also has a protagonist named Frey Holland, and this guide will give you basic information about Frey.

Introduction to Frey Holland in Forspoken- Who is She?

Forspoken was released a few hours back, and players have already jumped into the game to explore all the features and beat the game as soon as possible. So, if you have been one of them playing the game, you are already aware that the entire story of the game revolves around the protagonist of the game Frey Holland. So, naturally, players may get curious about the identity of Frey Holland.

As you can see in the game, Frey Holland is a young girl who lives in New York before going to Athia. She is an orphan girl adopted into a family, though her parents were not introduced to the game. Before her travel to Athia, players will find her visiting pubs and drinking alcohol. Here, many players questions if Frey drinking alcohol is legal. Because in the USA, no one can drink alcohol before they turn 21, so we can safely assume that Frey is at least 21. The rap sheet at the beginning of the game also confirms this information.

Introduction to Frey Holland in Forspoken- Who is She?

Frey’s actions have been selfish, and her personality is weird, so she doesn’t have any friends or relatives to support her. She is lonely. This situation continues until she gets Cuff and shifted to a magical land Athia, ruled by the ruthless rulers Tanta Sila, Tanta Parv, etc. (the main bosses of the game).

Though in the beginning, players won’t decide whether she is a victim or heroine, they will learn more about Frey as they progress through the game. Frey also learns a lot about herself and, most specifically, the powers she has. She gets to know what she can do. Her journey through Athia is a kind of self-discovery. The more she discovers, the more she gets to know her purpose, and players also get an insight into Frey and the events in the story. Frey has to defeat bosses and discovers lots of things to complete her journey.

That’s all you need to know about Frey in Forspoken. In this game, the more the story unfolds, players become curious about Frey. However, Forspoken has not portrayed Frey’s character as a heroine as other games generally do. Instead, she is a girl with pros and cons. Because there’s no announcement of Forspoken part 2, your journey with Frey ends with the last chapter of the game.


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