Who is FEDRA in The Last of Us (HBO)

 Who is FEDRA in The Last of Us (HBO)

The Last of Us is finally here after one month of the trailer launch. The trailer looked promising; now, let’s see how the show goes. The TV adaptation of the video game launched in 2013 with the same name is full of drama, thrills, and, most importantly, action that the show will offer. The star cast looks amazing, I mean, Pedro Pascal is there in the lead, and everyone who watched “The Mandalorian” must be aware of what this man is capable of doing on screen, and the charming Bella Ramsey is also there in an important role with the other picture-perfect cast. The 2013 game was a big hit, and so is expected with the show. Its storyline roams around an apocalypse caused by a virus and everything that follows because of the virus. There are a couple of things about which the audience is clueless, one of which is who is FEDRA or what is FEDRA. In this guide, we will explain everything about FEDRA.

What is FEDRA in The Last of Us (HBO)

HBO’s post-apocalyptic drama series is here, and it is already popular among the audience, especially the gamers who have played the game on which the show is based. The gaming community of The Last of Us is really looking forward to the show, as the game is literally coming on screen and everything that the gamers have experienced as graphics will be presented in the form of a full web show.

For those who are wondering what FEDRA is, FEDRA or Fe.D.R.A. stands for Federal Disaster Response Agency, is a government agency that is responsible for controlling and safeguarding those who are unaffected by the virus. FEDRA sends these people to the quarantine zones, and FEDRA is also the controller of these quarantine zones that are setup in the various cities of the United States, like Boston, Atlanta, Georgia, Massachusetts, etc. But the twist in the game is that every quarantine center in the country is not controlled by FEDRA, and also, FEDRA is fighting with The Firefly Group, which wants to take control of these quarantine centers, and they are fighting with FEDRA for it.

This concludes the guide about FEDRA, and we don’t intend to give spoilers to the audience about the show.

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