Who is Devrim Kay in Destiny 2

Debarun Joardar
Debarun Joardar

Voiced by Gideon Emery, Devrim Kay works as a human spy in Europe’s Dead Zone (EDZ). His primary aim is to fight back against enemies while also assisting Guardians in their recovery efforts in the area. He can be found in the church structure not far from where you spawn in this area, Trostland. He appears to have established himself there and occasionally shoots a sniper rifle round off at the odd Fallen Dreg. 

In legend, he is Suraya Hawthorne’s foster father and Marc’s spouse. If you talk to him or stay out with him long enough, you’ll hear him talking about tea and Cabal hunts for a half-dozen eggs. He likes informing people about his skirmishes.

Devrim Kay in The Red War

A Petition For 'Destiny 2' To Bring The Red War Campaign Back

Devrim Kay was one of the first characters you encountered as you progressed through Destiny 2’s vanilla storyline, The Red War. When Ghaul overthrew The Tower, he worked with Suraya to transport all the refugees from The Tower to The Farm, the Guardians’ interim residence. He also instructs Guardians about Lost Sectors, which have become a much more prominent element of Destiny as it has developed over time.

Devrim Kay in Season of Defiance

Devrim Kay is introduced back into the mix in Season of Defiance. While The Vanguard focuses on Neptune and Neomuna in the Lightfall mission, Devrim is collaborating with Mara Sov, the Queen of the Awoken, to battle Calus’ troops on Earth. The Witness has arrived on the world, and Calus’ troops are capturing and imprisoning individuals, including Amanda Holliday. Devrim collaborates with you to plot skirmishes against Calus’ troops and The Witness, rescuing and returning those kidnapped.

Devrim has been relatively quiet outside of the major action of this campaign. He appears as a narrator in a few Patrol tasks and Strikes, but he doesn’t do much else. But his activity is going to bump up with the release of Lightfall.

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