Who are the Fireflies in The Last of Us (HBO)

 Who are the Fireflies in The Last of Us (HBO)

We have seen many games being developed after getting inspired by a web series or a movie, but The Last of Us is a web show that is based on a game; how great is that? The first episode of The Last of Us has aired, and the show looks promising because it has everything that gamers who have played the game are looking for, and it is also ideal for audiences who enjoy action thrillers. The TV adaptation of the post-apocalyptic-based game shows the downfall of American society, which is infected by a brain-altering virus, and the consequences that follow. Everything looks perfect in the show, but there are some questions that need to be answered, and one such question is, “Who are Fireflies in The Last of Us?” 

In this guide, we will cover everything about Fireflies.

What are Fireflies in The Last of Us

So, the answer is that the fireflies are a terrorist type of group that wants to take control of the quarantine zones that are set up across the United States, and for that, the antagonist group is fighting with FEDRA, which is the current controller of these quarantine centers. Marlene is the leader of this militia group, and this rebellious group was shown in the game as well, and had the same intentions. For some of the people in the quarantine center, this militia group is considered as their heroes, as these people are also not in favour of the American agency because of their oppression in the quarantine centers and their failure to manage facilities in the centers. Fireflies also want the vaccine that cures Cordyceps Brain Infection, they were based in St. Mary’s Hospital in Salt Lake City while they were spread all over America. Gamers who have played the game must be aware of that the game is known for its mind-bending twists, and hence the audience and the gamers are expecting the same to follow in the show also. To be honest, this group tried everything and anything they were capable of, but FEDRA was always a step ahead of them and always had the upper hand over them.

This concludes our guide here, as we have already revealed too much about the Firefly organisation.

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