Which Windows Should I Get – Windows 11 Home or Pro

Recently on June 24, 2021, Microsoft presented the new generation of its flagship product, the ‘Windows 11’ operating system. Although Microsoft, since the launch of Windows 10 in 2015, suggested that this would be the last numbering to identify the product, and also, they hinted that their efforts would focus on making progressive improvements to said version, without altering the name of Windows 10. But, several situations led this technological giant to rethink this idea and create what today will be the new operating system: Windows 11. The new version of Windows 11 will retain Windows Home and Pro. But, if you are wondering which Windows should I get? Let’s find out the difference between both of these versions.

Which Windows Should I Get – Windows 11 Home or Pro

The idea of Microsoft with this new release is to have powerful software that is focused on mainly three pillars – Creativity, Productivity, and Connectivity. Under these criteria, they have released Windows 11 that takes the user experience to another level.

Microsoft has yet not announced the particular differences between Windows 11 Home and Pro versions. However, we have found some basic differences between the Home and Pro versions.

1. Availability: In order to get Windows 11 Home version, a user will be needed an internet connection and a Microsoft account to set up, while the Pro version doesn’t require it.

2. Security: Like Windows 10 Home and Pro versions, Windows 11 Pro is expected to offer better business features and extra security than the Windows 11 Home version.

3. Business Management Software: We are likely to see the exclusive deployment and/or business management software in Windows 11 Pro version, whereas the Home version would have some basic features only.

That’s all, these are the only differences we have found. However, we are also waiting for the official declaration from MS in a few days.

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