Which Ooblets Social Club to Join

When you incept the game Ooblets, the mayor calls you to join a Social club. This happens right after you have interacted with a bunch of residents, eight to be exact. The club leaders will meet you and you have to choose a club to join. There are a total of four clubs – Frunbruns, Peaksnubs, Mimpins, and Mossprouts. Choosing a club will provide you with the first Ooblet. In this guide, we will tell you about the four clubs and you can decide which is the best Ooblet Club to join.

Regardless of your choice of the club, it does not in any way impact your dancing capability and winning. So, it’s basically a personal choice. Don’t try to think too much about it. Just read through the guide, choose any club you fancy.

Which Ooblets Social Club to Join

At this point in the game we do not know if you can change your club after your initial selection, but it may be available later in the game. If you are determined to change your club, you can always start a new game and choose a different club, but that’s not recommended because you will lose all progress made in the game to that point.

Every club offers you a different Ooblet and each of them comes with special abilities. Some can help you score more with a single move while other are ideal for multiple dance moves. Let’s have a look the various social clubs and what they offer in the game.

Social Club Frunbruns

Members of the club Frunbruns adore all things cute and cuddly. Melda is the leader of this group and you get Tud Ooblet when you join the group. This group is also by far the most social with a lot of activities. Tud is a cute Ooblet with the appearance of a frog or a really cute version of baby alien.It has an egg shaped head with large circular eyes and antennas on the head. Joining this group grants you the Frunbruns special ability – Glaze Glide. It comes with one Hype.   

Social Club Peaksnubs

Peaksnubs is a social group with a large ego. They believe themselves to be the better than everyone else. They are leaders, innovators, and a strong competition. This is the group that invented the fertilizer used by farmers from other groups. If you choose this group, you will get the Bittle Ooblet. As the name suggests, this creature resembles a beetle and has a special ability called Pilfer Poker. When dancing it retains 4 points from the opponent. The group is led by Bazil.   

Social Club Mimpins

No one knows about tech better than Mimpins. This is not the most social group among the four but their knowledge of tech and machines is superior to the rest. This is the right group for intelligent explorers. Upon joining this club, you get the Sidekey Ooblet. It appears as a mechanical toy with the key winding mechanism. Like other Ooblets, Sidekey also has a unique ability – Finite Loop. This ability allows the player to perform the next move twice. When synced with other dance move, it can be very powerful. Videon is the leader of this group.   

Social Club Mossprouts

The fourth and the final social group is Mossprouts. The group comprises of nature lovers and outgoing people. If you like going on quest and adventure, this might be the group you want to join. When you join this group, you get the Shrumbo Ooblet with the ability Shake It. With this ability, you can increase the point in victory.

I think you would have chosen the best group for you. That’s all we have in this guide, check our other guides for more tips and tricks to win in Ooblets.   

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