Back 4 Blood

Which is the Best Character to Pick in Back 4 Blood

Which is the Best Character to Pick in Back 4 Blood

Black 4 Blood is a forthcoming 4-player co-op game in which players have to survive against a zombie. This game is set to be released on October 12, 2021, for PS4, PS5, Windows, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. As far as we have come to know, there will be 4 playable characters in Back 4 Blood – Holly, Walker, Evangelo, and Hoffman which are quite similar to its earlier game Left 4 Dead. It is very important to choose your character wisely because, at higher difficulties, firefights will be more dangerous. Let us help you to choose the best character to pick in Back 4 Blood. Below we have given details of the abilities and perks of each character.

Which is the Best Character to Pick in Back 4 Blood

Check out the below features of each character:

1. Holly

– Ability: Recovers 10 Stamina once Ridden is killed

– Weapon: Bat

– Team Effect: +25 Team Stamina

– Bonus: +10% Damage Resistance

2. Walker

– Ability: Precision Kills award & +20% Accuracy for 5 seconds

– Weapon: Glock 23

– Team Effect: +10 Team Health 

– Bonus: +10 Damage Resistance

3. Evangelo

– Ability: Break out of grabs one time in every 60 seconds

– Weapon: Machete

– Team Effect: +5 Team Movements Speed

– Bonus: +25% Stamina Regen & 75% Breakout Speed

4. Hoffman

– Ability: Get the opportunity to find out ammo once Ridden is killed

– Weapon: M1911

– Team Effect: Max 10% Team Ammo Capacity

– Bonus: +1 Offensive Inventory

It is very important to think twice before selecting the best character in Back 4 Blood as that character is not going to affect how you will play but also you have to think of the strategy of your entire team. So, the idea is to consider your weaknesses or strengths before choosing the final character. Also, if you want to change your strategies and want to try something new, you may choose the opposite.

That’s everything you need to know Which is The Best Character to Pick in Back 4 Blood.

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