Where to Get the Forspoken Steelbook

 Where to Get the Forspoken Steelbook

As an action role-playing game from Luminous Productions and Square Enix, Forspoken is set for release on PlayStation 5 and Windows on January 24, 2023. It revolves around the main protagonist, Frey Holland, a young woman transferred from New York City to a fantastical planet called Athia. In order to survive and find her way home, she uses magical abilities.

The game’s forespoken enthusiasts are always on the lookout for fresh information and unique editions, so a steelbook edition makes for a compelling offer. Let’s see in this guide where to get the steelbook edition of the game. 


Where to Get the Forspoken Steelbook?

The steelbook edition of Forspoken is available at Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop. You can also preorder a digital PS5 copy of the game from the PlayStation Store, or grab the game on PC from Steam, Epic Games Store, and GMG.

It is possible to get a steelbook without pre-ordering the game if you are reading this after the game has been released. A common occurrence is that people sell their games after they have played them. Limited/special editions are sometimes sold as well. So, maybe you can grab one from them. Forspoken is set for release on PlayStation 5 and Windows on January 24, 2023.

This was all about the Forspoken steelbook edition of the game. We’ll have more information on the game soon, so be sure to check out our other guides so you don’t miss anything.

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