Where to Get More Lagniapple in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

Lagniapple is one of the consumable boosting items in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). This superfood can be used exclusively to boost the performance of Buddy activities like Argosy, Meowcenary, and Buddy Dojo. These are very rare materials, however, there is a special option if you will press ‘X’. It allows you to place very specific food materials to offer bonuses to either the kite adventure or submarine.

Characteristics of Lagniapple

– It can boost up the efforts of both the Meowcenaries and Argosy features.

– Also, it can accelerate gathering times.

– It can increase opportunities to obtain rare items.

– You can easily obtain Lagniapples from Buddy Expert Shirubei every X number of buddy quests.

– This is not a definite reward; however, it comes frequently during the play.

The following guide on where to get more Lagniapple in MH Rise is, so far, the following are the only methods we have discovered currently. 

Where to Get More Lagniapple in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

There are several methods to get more Lagniapple in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) – Check them out:

1. You will be able to get your first Lagniapple by helping out Lori. It is also the best opportunity to test out the effect of the Lagniapple.

2. You can also get it from Cohoot’s Nest. This is the semi-secret location that is quite hidden in the Buddy Plaza. You can access it by climbing the tree from where the Shrine is situated. You will find a Cohoot’s nest on the top that has several items.

3. Also, in every few quests, you will get a notification that someone wants to speak with you in the village. Go to that buddy area and you need to speak with Buddy Expert Shirubei – If you see a speech bubble on his head. You will get Lagniapple as a reward.

How to Use Lagniapple in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise)

When you’ll select the option from Buddy activities, you will see a blue-colored border that will show if a Lagniapple is used or not for that particular activity. The effects of every activity will be enhanced by the Lagniapple that makes them valuable items.

That’s all folks! So far, these are the best methods to collect more and more Lagniapples which you can use on both Argosy Trade and Meowcenaries requests and boost up the performance of your Buddy activities. Learn more about How to Change Appearance | All Hairstyles Guide – Monster Hunter Rise.

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