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Where to Find Wild Hogs in Far Cry 6

Where to Find Wild Hogs in Far Cry 6

Hunting is one of the important parts of Far Cry 6 and there are a total of 42 different types of Animals. You will want to hunt these animals collect their meat which can be used to cook meals at El Cantina or trade at camps. One of these animals is Wild Hogs and there are several locations to find them. Let’s quickly learn where to find Wild Hogs in Far Cry 6.

Where to Find Wild Hogs in Far Cry 6

There are mainly 3 locations where you will find Wild Hogs in Far Cry 6 – Mirador Cape, Nogal River, Noventarmas International Airport.

1. Mirador Cape

You can find Wild Hogs near the coast in Mirador Cape on its east side of the area. There are various tiny enemy outposts around them. You can find them in the 7th rank location so it is recommended to visit this spot with a proper set of gears.

2. Nogal River

The second location to find Wild Hogs is the Nogal River. Look for them at the south of Espinosa University which is nearby bases in the region to take over. 

3. Noventarmas International Airport

The final and the last location is Noventarmas International Airport. You can find Wild Hogs in Cielo Gardens in the mid of Yara.

Unlike the above two locations, this location falls in the rank 5 zone so you should visit this zone first before the above two.

That’s all for this guide on Where to Find Wild Hogs in Far Cry 6.

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