Where to Find Thistle in Valheim

Thistle - Valheim

Thistle is a plant in Valheim that is found in the Black Forest and the Swamp biome. It has a distinctive blueish-green glow that separates it from other plants of the floors of the forest. Thistle is an important resource that can be used in the Cauldron to craft a range of useful Mead Base for potions. We know there are a ton of resource you need to focus on in the game, which can take several hours in a day. To make things easier and help you progress faster, the guide will show you where to find Thistle in Valheim.

How to Get Thistle in Valheim

To find Thistle in Valheim, you don’t need to do much, just go about your tasks in the Black Forest and you will spot them. It can also be found in the Swamps. Just keep in mind what they look like and you will spot them. They are blue and slightly green in colour. As the plants glow, they stand out from other plants. If they are near, you cannot miss them.

How to Get Thistle In Valheim

The Dark Forest and the Swamp are dangerous place. If you have just come from the Meadows, this place will have mobs coming from anywhere. So, be careful while looking for the resource. You should not venture both these biomes at night, but if you do they can be easily spotted in the dark. But, the glow is also noticeable during the day.     

Thistle, like any other weed grow in groups, if you find one chances are there are more nearby. So, check the area for more.

Thistle is a resource that can be used in the Cauldron to make Mead Base. To craft potions out of the resource, you also require the Fermenter. So, have the Cauldron, Fermenter, and Thistle ready to make Mead Base using other resources. Here are the various items you can craft using the Thistle in Valheim.

Mead base: Frost resistance10 Honey 1 Greydwarf Eye 2 Bloodbag 5 Thistle
Mead base: Poison resistance10 Honey 5 Thistle 1 Neck tail 10 Coal
Sausages2 Entrails 1 Raw meat 4 Thistle

Once you have the resources, create the Mead Base in the Cauldron and take it to the Fermenter to make the potion.

For Honey, we suggest that you craft a Beehive of your own. You can follow the linked guide for that. So, that concludes our article on how to get Thistle in Valheim. Check out the game category for more.  

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