Where to Find the Straw Hat of Luffy in One Piece Odyssey

 Where to Find the Straw Hat of Luffy in One Piece Odyssey

A turn-based role-playing game, One Piece Odyssey lets players control Monkey D. Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates outside of combat. Each of the playable characters has a distinct skill that corresponds to their power, which is used to navigate, collect goods, and solve puzzles. As soon as an adversary is engaged in combat, the game switches to a battle screen, where the characters can be controlled via menus. There are many zones in the fighting system, which is based on the “Scramble Area Conflict” concept.

But how to get the straw hat of Luffy? Let’s see in this guide.


Where to Find the Straw Hat of Luffy in One Piece Odyssey?

It is Luffy’s straw hat that symbolizes his Pirate Crew, and all of the characters will understand it when they reunite at Mysterious Island’s South Beach. To obtain access to Zoro and Nami, players must rescue Nami from the Beast in South Beach to collect all of the Pirate Characters.

Luffy begins his search for the Straw Hat in South Beach during the cutscene, and you need to complete the following steps to obtain the Straw Hat:

  • South Beach has several magnifying areas, but you will not find your Hat since it lies in South Forest. 
  • You must remove the Pirates’ Ship Anchor from South Beach to enter the Forest.
  • In order to reach South Forest, continue on the trail once you reach the Anchor. Zoro will use his ability to slice open the anchor to reveal the road.
  • One of the main bosses can be encountered on the newly opened route. After the protagonists defeat the flaming Colossus boss, a cutscene takes place in which they will meet two new characters from the Mysterious Island. 
  • Lim and Adio will appear in this cutscene. Luffy will reclaim the Straw Hat from Lim during the cutscene.

This concludes our guide on where to find the straw hat of Luffy in One Piece Odyssey. Keep up with our other guides to stay updated on the game.

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