Where to Find the Stolen Antiques in Mission 2 in Sniper Elite 5

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When you come across the second mission of Sniper Elite, you will realise that there are two side objectives which you can complete for achieving the three stars, as well as a ton of experience points. This mission involves one of the smallest maps in the game, but you will need to cover the entirety of it in order to finish all the tasks. This guide will take you through the process of where to find all the stolen antiques in Mission 2 in Sniper Elite 5.

Stolen Antique Locations in Mission 2 in Sniper Elite 5

Stealth will play an important part in this mission, as you will need to sneak past all the heavily guarded areas in the chateau. Once you’re inside, you will need to kill a specific target called Kummler. You can enter the chateau from the eastern path and take a small tunnel which leads to the entrance of the basement. There are some enemies on the way that you’ll need to take out. 

Once you’re in the building, you will need to head to the second floor and shoot at the chandelier to kill Kummler. Check out our guide on How To Kill Friedrich Kummler in Occupied Residence Mission—Sniper Elite 5. The next part of your mission involves retrieving some antiques, which have been stolen by the Germans. In order to get them back, you have to locate them first.

#1 Antique Location

There are three antiques in the area, and two of them are inside the chateau. The first antique is located inside Kummler’s rooms on the middle floor of the west wing. There is a suspicious-looking painting that you need to blow up to find a safe inside. You can also look around for the code to open it. The first antique is inside.

#2 Antique Location

The second antique can be found on the top floor, inside the bedroom above the entrance. You will need to get bolt cutters to open the locked chest inside the room, or pick the lock. Once you have opened it, you can collect the second antique.

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#3 Antique Location

For the third antique, you will need to go north of the chateau which leads into a garden. There are plenty of enemies here as this place is heavily guarded, so you will need to sneak around in order to avoid being seen. Carefully make your way to the building in the northeastern corner of the map. There is a sniper on the tower of the building which you need to take out first. Enter the building and search the sniper for the third and final antique. 

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