Where to Find the Setekh Wenut Boss in Genshin Impact

 Where to Find the Setekh Wenut Boss in Genshin Impact

In that it is an open map for players to explore, Genship Impact is unique among roleplaying games. Players begin as a traveller in the Teyvat world in search of their sister, and as they go, they will face new difficulties, meet new people, and gain new prizes. Among the prizes are new and updated weaponry, as well as new abilities.

Throughout the game, players must defeat a variety of opponents. Teyvat is separated into four zones, each of which may be visited by players: Mondstadt, Inazuma, Liyue, Dragonspine, Chasm, and Sumeru. You may visit these places while having fun with the unique gameplay. However, more enhancements generating more uncertainty since new missions require instruction. With the introduction of the new 3.4 patch, the game gained a new era, the Desert of Hadramaveth. A slew of new activities, missions, and new bosses have been introduced to the game as a part of this latest version. Genshin has a habit of including new bosses in the game as they will provide amazing rewards to the players. In this guide, we will discuss where to find the Setekh Wenut Boss in the game.

Where Can I Find Genshin Impact’s Setekh Wenut Boss?

Setekh Wenut is the new boss that has been added in the patch 3.4 update; basically, this boss is an eyeless predator that resides within the depths of the Sumeru desert and uses sounds and vibrations, and wind bite bullets as its attacking moves to take down its enemy. They are found in the form of plants to deceive their prey. 

To find him, players just have to teleport to the Wenut Tunnel in the Desert of Hadramaveth.

Reach to the south of the waypoint of the Setekh Wenut marker on the map.

After reaching this place, players have to look for a tunnel (Wenut Tunnel).

Way to the Wenut Tunnel

Enter this tunnel and you will reach a sandy area with a green glowing tornado type of thing.

Green Glowing Zone

When you enter this green glowing tornado, the Setekh Wenut Boss will appear from beneath the ground.

When he appears, players have to beat him by keep attacking him with the combos.

And finally, kill him with the characters having Pyro, Hydro, Electro or Cyro.

In the end, players have to be careful with those windbite bullets as they get converted into the heavy blows

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