Lost Judgment

Where to Find the Phantom Ramen Stall in Lost Judgement

Where to Find the Phantom Ramen Stall in Lost Judgement

Lost Judgement is an excellent, thrilling mystery game developed by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio and released by Sega on 24th September 2021. This game is full of twists and turns. Besides the primary mission, the game has some side missions as well. One of them is to find the phantom ramen stall. It is pretty hard to complete this mission. This guide will help you achieve your mission.

Where to find the Phantom Ramen Stall in Lost Judgement

Here is what you need to do to find the Phantom Ramen Stall in Lost Judgement.

Accept the Forbidden Taste Case

Accept the case from the board at the Yokohama99 Detective Agency and set out to meet your new client Meng Wu who will tell you about this mysterious Phantom Ramen Stall. You need to investigate at night to find this stall. Open up the Buzz Researcher app and type the keywords for Phantom Ramen Stall. You will get the clue of Gull St and Pier St. from the chat there.

Next, you’ll find two businessmen talking about the phantom Ramen Stall and how it appears only at night. Don’t skip; listen to the conversation carefully to get valuable information. Next, you’ll find two homeless guys talking about the stall, and you’ll get the information that a cat lead people to that Phantom Ramen Stall. When Takayuki gives this information to Meng Wu , he suggests  Takayuki make friends with cats to solve this case.

Making Friendship with Cats

Your next mission is to befriend cats so that they can lead you to that Phantom Ramen Stall. If you don’t have cat food, buy them from Poppo Mart. Once you fail to make cats your friend by giving them food, you’ll come across Nekomiya, a guy who loves cats. He will tell you the way to befriend cats- interact with them and give them names.

Next, you’ll find a new marker has been added to your map- a yellow paw. Now, proceed and interact with cats. When the first cat comes to you, give it a name. You must remember the name because you’ll need the name later in the game. Leave the area after every interaction, then come back again. You need to offer it food, stare affectionately at it and remember its name to make friends with it.

Finding the Phantom Ramen Stall

Once you successfully befriend a cat, come back to Yokohama99, and in the next cut scene, the cat leads you to the Phantom Ramen Stall. Later, Takayuki will call Joe, and in the next cut scene, the case ends successfully.

Follow this guide, and you’ll reach the Phantom Ramen Stall without any trouble.

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