Where to find the Oberankov Cash in Contraband Police

Harsh Clif
Harsh Clif

In the video game Contraband Police, you assume the role of a border patrol officer. As a youthful officer apprentice in 1981, you are given a job at a frontier station in the mountainous Karikatka area. Your every move is watched over and entry into the Acarist People’s Republic is tightly controlled by the party. When one of the actions results in the death of your friend, the situation at the border worsens. So you need to find the Oberankov Cash in Contraband Police.

Where to find the Oberankov Cash in Contraband Police

You’ll need to bring a spade in order to unearth the prize. Without it, it is difficult to gather the treasures. You will earn $300 for each find. Only 8 valuables are present. My estimates show that two improved shovels will be sufficient.

  1. The prize is hidden behind the transformer box in the right-hand area of block F1 to the south of the Carat motel.
  1. At the juncture of grids E6 and F6, the bounty is situated south of the sawmill. We proceed past the slope and discover the loot. Take a close look; He is tucked away in the shrubbery.
  1. West of the graveyard, in square E8, is where you can find the bounty. Use the dump, which will be on your right, as a reference. Search the containers for the bounty.
  1. In the lower center of square I8, the prize is actually under the lodging of the inebriated bear. Use three conifers that are near to one another as a reference. Then we turn around, ascend the slope, and discover the following prize.
  1. The location of the prize is in square I6’s bottom right quadrant. Follow the T-junction as a reference. Standing here with your back to this junction, you should ascend the hillside and turn left until you reach some bushes. This one is well concealed, so look carefully.
  1. Near the prior one is where you’ll find the prize. You should head north to the G5 plaza at the end of the overpass. You then use the enormous stone on your right palm as a guidance. After that, ascend the slope behind the stone. So you discover a new stash.
  1. West of the police station, in area 6B, is where you’ll find this gem. The orange road marker serves as our direction. As soon as you spotted him, proceed to the slope to search for the bounty.
  2. The final prize is situated in the middle of square D5, southwest of Gavrilov’s lair. Follow the swamp’s lead. The best place to look for it is in the swamp’s middle.
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