Where to Find the Lost Keys for the Woman in Hidden Village in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Debarun Joardar
Debarun Joardar

Wo Long: Lost Empire, created by Team Ninja, is set during the Three Kingdoms Period (184 A.D.). This game places you against fierce foes in a world overrun with demons. You can enlist mythical beings or divine animals to help you in the game’s bloody fights to even the chances. The game provides a range of weaponry that can be improved at the Armory in the Hidden Village, including Dual Swords, Javelins, Sabers, Bows, and more.

As soon as you begin your search for the Hermit of Tianzhu lady in the Hidden Village, you’ll quickly discover that she’s misplaced not one, but two keys.  The garden key is one of them, and the Taoist’s house key is the other. Knowing where to locate the keys can be difficult for players because the Tianzhu woman won’t offer you any hints. So how do you go about finding these Lost Keys?

Where to Find the Taoist’s House Key for the Woman in the Hidden Village

The Section 3 assignment “In Pursuit of the Immortal Wizard” is where you can find the Taoist’s Mansion key. After finishing the task, you can find the front door key outside the cave hidden behind a stone wall. As you come out of the tunnel, it will be on your left side.

You can enter the woman’s home once you return to her with the house key. You can find a random firearm falling inside as loot. There is also a locked entrance next to it that goes to the courtyard. You will need to locate this key for the lady because she has lost it as well. So, this is where you can find the second missing key for the lady from Hidden Village in the Wo Long Fallen Kingdom.

How to Find Taoist’s Backyard Key for the Woman in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

In Part 5, “War’s Flames Blaze Fiercely,” leads to the location of the Taoist’s garden key. 

Here are some methods to swiftly locate the woman’s misplaced key since it is not an easy task:

  • You can enter through a giant statue of a dragon head as soon as you empty the water canal and reach the mission’s conclusion.
  • In order to get to the dungeons, you must navigate the interior passageways.
  • When you get here, you’ll enter a sizable space that is manned by mermaid demons.
  • To obtain the Backyard key for the lady in the Hidden Village, go into the side chamber to your left.
  • Return to the Tianzhu lady hermit after picking it up.

And with that the side quest will be complete.

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