Where to Find the Gargwa Eggs in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

The Gargwa Eggs in Monster Hunter Rise is a drop from a creature called the Gargwa. They appear like a Peacock bird and are found in Shrine Ruins map. There are two types of these birds – the Yellow and the normal. For the β€œAn Egg-cellent Idea?” quest, you require the egg from the normal Gargwa and not the Yellow ones. For the quest, you require two Gargwa Eggs and the creature are a rare spawn. If you are in luck, you can find them in Area 1 of the map or other areas, but the chance is slim. However, certain areas have higher spawn rate so you should try those areas first.

Stick with the post and we will show you where to find the Gargwa Eggs in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR, MH Rise). Once you have the eggs, carry them back to the camp and place them in the item box. If you get caught by a monster in a fight, you will drop the eggs and will have to re-run the quest.

Monster Hunter Rise (MHR, MH Rise) – Gargwa Eggs Location

One of the confirmed locations of the Gargwa is south of the waterfall in Area 13 of the Shrine Ruins map. Once you encounter one of the birds, you have to hit them for the eggs to drop, but the drop rate is not a 100%, which means there is a chance the bird will simply escape once you hit. You will have to respawn and try again.

If you head further down south along the river, you may see a bunch of them together. If you see them, hit them all and when you get to them the eggs should be there.

So, the best place to farm Gargwa Eggs in Monster Hunter Rise is Area 13 long the river.    

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