Where To Find The Engraved Ring In The Last Of Us Part II (So Great And Small Trophy)

Where To Find The Engraved Ring In The Last Of Us Part II

As this is an early guide, we will not provide any spoilers. So, what’s the So Great and Small Trophy in The Last Of Us Part 2? Well, it’s any one’s guess, it is a secret Easter egg that you won’t find on the map. But, where can you find The Engraved Ring? And how can you get to it? That’s the two questions we will be answering in this post.

The Engraved Ring in Last of Us Part 2 can be found early on in the game in the  Seattle Day 1 chapter. You can find it after you cross the river and head left until to come up to the Westlake Bank. Once you cross the lake, take left from the ruined building and you will head up straight to the bank.

Once you are at the bank, follow the path and you would enter the bank. At this point, you may have to get involved in some combat with some zombies. Once you finish them off, find a bag on the ground that has the keys to the vault.

Head left and in a few steps you will find the vault and enter using the key combination note we found. Once you are in the vault, you will find a weapon on the dead guard right upon entry. Look around and you will find one of the safe drawers open. That’s it, you have found The Engraved Ring In The Last Of Us Part II.

Here is a video to help you understand the location and gameplay better.

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