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Where to Find the Disruptor in Ceto Outer Rim in Everspace 2

Where to find the Disruptor in Ceto Outer Rim in Everspace 2

Everspace 2 was one of the most awaited titles for 2020, but it kept getting pushed first due to the pandemic and then, to stay clear of the Cyberpunk 2077 release. But, the wait is finally over. As you start the game, right of the bat, you would want to know about the Disruptor. You will encounter them as your start your adventures. You will be tasked with finding the Disruptor in Ceto Outer Rim. It’s the second mission of the game and crucial as disruptors are crucial to your base safety and they are currently malfunctioning.

There are a total of three disruptor that you need to find and fix. With them not functioning, your base is exposed to enemies. Keep scrolling and we will show you where to find the Disruptor in Ceto Outer Rim in Everspace 2.

Where to Find the Disruptor in Ceto Outer Rim in Everspace 2

As your start the mission to find the Disruptor, it may seem simple enough, but the fact that there no waypoint or path to guide you makes it difficult. To find the Disruptor in Ceto Outer Rim in Everspace 2, go to Flying Dutchman station. Although, you can start from anywhere, it just makes the process of guiding you easier. Using the Flying Dutchman station as your starting point, look up towards the left and you should see two large asteroids that are adjoined. Beyond it, you should be able to see a ship wreck.

To find the first disruptor, you need to head to the asteroid. When you reach there, you will see some space plants growing over the disruptor. Clear the plants to boost the signal of the disruptor. With this the objective would be complete.

However, there is still a lot that you can do. Proceed towards the ship wreck and avoiding the debris, enter the ship. Inside the wreck, you will find two floating power units that you can use. There is also a container that you can search.

There is also an enemy base protected with minefield. Disable the turrets and loot all the available containers. When you start to do this, some drones will start to appear, be careful of them.

If you follow the blue waypoint, it will take you to the next mission you can complete. Try to loot all you can which you can later use at the crafting station.

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