Where to Find the Chicken Egg in NieR Replicant | Lost Egg Quest Guide

NieR Replicant game is all about completing rewarding side quests, both complex as well simple. The Lost Egg is also one of the quests in which you need to find the lost chicken eggs. The Lost Egg quest can be acquired by talking with one of the villagers in the castle-like areas. Here is the complete guide to finding the Chicken Egg in NieR Replicant so that you can easily complete this quest and collect your rewards.

Where to Find the Chicken Egg in NieR Replicant | Lost Egg Quest Guide

When you have the quest, there are a number of villagers who will give you clues. Like a little boy will give you a clue that he found some eggs buried in the shadow while another man will tell you near the pigs. However, any one of them is correct.

You need to travel to the fountain in the middle of the village where you will see some dancing children and a singing lady. There you will see many pillars around the fountain and damaged walls which are fallen in places.

Behind any of these pillars, you can find the egg you are looking for. It won’t look like any shiny object but it is an interaction spot that you will also see when you will go close to it. You will see an orange arrow marker on the screen when you’re around the precious Chicken Egg. This will help you to find the exact location of a chicken egg.

You just have to pick up that egg and get back to the quest giver and you’re all set. This is how you can complete this quest.

That’s all for this guide on Where to Find the Chicken Egg in NieR Replicant. Also, learn How to Heal Your Health and Restore HP in NieR Replicant?

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