Where to Find the Best End Game Loot Location in V Rising

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Stunlock Studios’ new vampire survival action game V Rising is steadily getting more and more popular. It has sold over 1 million units in its first week, despite being only an Early Access debut on Steam. The game has proven itself, with a horde of content in its initial form: plenty of bosses for players to seek out and defeat and items to win. There is a lot to conquer in V Rising, but once you’ve reached the endgame, you might be wondering what else is left to achieve. This guide will take you through finding the best end game loot location in V Rising.

Best End Game Loot Location in V Rising

As a survival game, V Rising puts you to the test in the vampire world where you need to fend for yourself if you want to learn how to survive. There are plenty of locations in the open world where you can farm materials and get loot by destroying villages and defeating bandits and bosses.

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As your main priority will be to make your character as strong as possible, you will need to farm as many materials as possible to craft and upgrade your gear. If you’re looking for the best location for loot once you have finished the game, there is one particular location that you should be aware of.

The Silverlight Hills Waygate is located on the west of the map, and it contains plenty of rich metals that you can farm. To get to the location, you will need to look for the Vampire Waypoint at Silverlight Hills. The road will take you to the Waygate on the left.

Instead of passing through the gates, you will need to look for an opening in the wall that leads to the dock. Here, you will find a variety of precious metals that you can farm for maximum profit.

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