Where to Find TAYGA 6436 in Snowrunner

Where to Find TAYGA 6436 in Snowrunner

Snowrunner is a great game for players who want something refreshing in the driving game niche. The game offers ultra-realistic simulation of extreme terrains. It puts you on the wheels of some of the most powerful vehicles from brands like Chevrolet, Ford, Freightliner, and others. And the Tayga 6436 qualifies as one of the best vehicles in the game considering its freight capabilities and multi-terrain maneuverability. In this guide, we will detail you where to find Tayga 6436 in Snowrunner.

About Tayga 6436

The Tayga 6436 has huge tiers with extreme treading capabilities, which allows the vehicle to mull over extreme terrain. The tires are particularly suitable for muddy roads. The durable engine and flexible gearbox makes the tires capable of being driven through extended lengths as scouting off rider. The vehicle comes with a large fuel tank giving you the freedom to drive endlessly and is a great vehicle in Snowrunner. You can complete entire mission effortlessly when you have a trailer attached to the vehicle. This is not the only off-road vehicle in the game, but none offer the same fuel capacity, do not support add-ons, are slow, or simply too large. The Tayga 6436 is a full-combo, which makes it one of the best, if not the best off-road vehicle in the game. Here is the specifications of the vehicle.

  • Length – 3.8M
  • Width – 2.6M
  • Fuel Capacity -330L
  • AWD – Always On
  • Diff. Lock – Always On
  • Role – Off-Road

Tayga 6436 Location Guide

The exact location to find the Tayga 6436 is the Drowned Lands in Taymr region of Russia. The vehicle is located near the garage. On the map, you need to go to the northeast corner off the dirt road in the valley. When you find the vehicle, it will be in a ditch. But, you cannot drive it immediately, you will have to repair the vehicle before you drive it. To perform the repair, you can use a Scout 800 with a roof rack in 2-3trips. You can find the location circled in the map.

Locate Tayga 6436

That’s all we have in this guide, we hope you now you can locate the Tayga 6436.

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