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Where to Find Sheep in New World

Where to Find Sheep in New World

There are various quests in New World which you need to complete. These quests earn you experience points and rewards. One of the quests in New World is Stonereach Hunt Quest in which you need to find out Sheep. Sheep is one of the highly valuable animals in the New World as their spawn rates are very low. You can also hunt them for resources. If you have no idea where to find Sheep in New World, below is the complete guide.

Where to Find Sheep in New World

At first, the task of finding a Sheep in the New World seems easy but it is quite tough. Tracking them can be incredibly difficult. If you are on a Stonereach Hunt quest, you need to follow the map market. It will point you towards Camp Recall Point.

You will find Sheep near the zone which is called ‘Stonereach Pass’. Near the mountains of this zone, you will find Sheep. Head to the Northwest of the main settlement in Everfall, this is the ideal place to find Sheep in New World.

In case, you couldn’t find any sheep there, just wait for sometimes and it will be spawned automatically as another player may have grown it earlier from this spot. At a time, there will be only one spawn so get it as quickly as possible before another player grabs it.

If you’re here just to hunt Sheep for resources, then also check out in Windsward or Stonereach Pass. You will find some Sheep near the rocky wall as well as in the hills.

Furthermore, you can also find some in Monarch’s Bluff, generally near the Devil’s Quarry point of interest. Right beside the small farmhouse is the best place to find Sheep in New World.

Once you kill the sheep, harvest its hide.

Now that you know exactly where to find Sheep in New World.

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