Where to Find Pink Houseleek in Disney Dreamlight Valley

 Where to Find Pink Houseleek in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley is one of the popular life-simulation action-adventure games released in August 2022. Like every other simulation game, Disney Dreamlight Valley also has lots of activities that players need to do to survive and completing quests in one of them. Disney Dreamlight Valley has lots of quests to complete, and one of them wants you to make an Odorous Magnificent. This quest requires Pink Houseleek flowers, and this guide will help players know where to find Pink Houseleek in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Pink Houseleek Flower Location in Disney Dreamlight Valley- How to Do?

Like other Disney Dreamlight Valley quests, The Forgotten Project is one in which players are tasked to make an Odorous Magnificent flower. This process requires a few flowers, and one of them is Pink Houseleek. This Flower can’t be found randomly as it only blooms in a specific biome- Sunlit Plateau.

This Biome is a late-game biome that requires 7000 Dreamlight to be unlocked. Once you clear the Night Thorns, the passage to access Sunlit Plateau from the Plaza will be cleared, and you can access the biome whenever you want.

This biome has two different types of flowers- Bromeliads and Houseleek. These two types of flowers apparently look similar if you don’t know the difference and which one is Houseleek. Houseleek has four flowers together in a stem, while Bromeliads are single flowers in a stem. Though these flowers come in different colors, both come in Pink. Houseleek has two colors- Orange and Pink, and Bromeliads have three colors- Pink, Yellow, and Red.

The quest you want to complete requires you to get Pink Houseleeks, so be sure you are not confused between Houseleek and Bromeliads. Houseleek flowers have yellow portions inside them. This is unique to them. So if you are looking for Pink Houseleek flowers, look for four pink flowers together with yellow touch inside. If you don’t get enough Pink Houseleek at a time, give them some time to respawn and come back later.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Pink Houseleek flowers in Disney Dreamlight Valley.


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