Lost Judgment

Where to Find Mugwort and Roses Location in Lost Judgement

Where to Find Mugwort and Roses Location in Lost Judgement

You will meet the old man Iyama during Chapter 3. The old man will task you with finding a range of items so he can create extracts for you. He does this favor for helping him with the goons. The first item you need to find is Mugwort followed by Roses. Finding these items in the game can be challenging if you don’t know exactly where to look. Hence, we have formulated this guide to help you find the items. Keep reading and we will show you the Mugwort and Roses locations in Lost Judgement.

Lost Judgement – Where to Find Mugwort and Roses Location

Here are the locations in the game to find Mugwort and Roses for the extract. There may be other locations as well than the ones mentioned in the post. If you find a location that we didn’t cover, please let us know in the comments.

Where to Find Mugwort Location in Lost Judgement

Like some other items in the Iyama, you will find Mugwort as a white material drop that you can simply go over and pick up. To find the Mugwort in Lost Judgement, you need to go to the Seiyro High School Courtyard. Refer to the below image for the exact location. Once you find the item, head back to Iyama and give him the item. You will get the Extract Recipe: Super Strength.  

Mugwort Location in Lost Judgement

Where to Find Roses Location in Lost Judgement

To get roses for Iyama in Lost Judgement, you can either purchase them from Flowers 2 Go in Hamakita Park for 1,280 yen or look around the park and pick the white material drops. Pick up every item you find in the park and one of them can be the roses. So, depending on your resources, you can choose either of the two options. We suggest you search the part for the roses first and if you are out of luck ten choose to spend the money at Flower 2 Go van.

Once you have the item, go back to Iyama like the usual and you will get an extract recipe. That’s all we have in this guide. We hope you know everything to find the Mugwort and Roses in the game. The other items that Iyama requires you to find are Garlic and Four Leaf Clover. Check out the linked guides for that.  

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