Where to Find Monster Broth in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) | Farm Monster Broth MH Rise

Like most side quests in Monster Hunter Rise that require you to gather specific items, the “Thick, Gooey Dango” quest need the Monster Broth to complete. The item is dropped from a creature you can find in the Shrine Ruins. The Bnahabra are the only creatures that are known to drop this rare item at this stage in the game, but there can be other creatures as well.

Let us know if you find any other creature that drops the Monster Broth. The Bnahabra are flying insects you would find in the Shrine Ruins. And through they are easy to take down the drop rate for Monster Broth is very low. Here is where to find Monster Broth in Monster Hunter Rise.

Where to Find Monster Broth in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

To find the Monster Broth in Monster Hunter Rise, you have to first locate the creature that drops the item – Bnahabra. You can find the Bnahabra in Area 11 and 12 of the Shrine Ruins map. They are small flying insects and have been a part of other Monster Hunter games. It easy to take them down. Few hits are sufficient to take them down.

Bnahabra - Monster Hunter

Once down, you can harvest their body for the rare item. While finding and killing the Bnahabra is easy, the drop rate is very low and you will have to kill quite a few of them before you can complete the quest. Like most items in the game, these flying insects also respawn. So, you can run between Area 11 and 12 to harvest the required quantity of Monster Broth.  

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