Where to Find Mint Locations in Genshin Impact

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Collecting essential resources is a crucial component of Genshin Impact’s gameplay. Mint is one resource that gamers may find themselves in short supply of. Fortunately, mint may be obtained in a variety of ways.

This is a walkthrough for Mint in Genshin Impact. Mint, like all other ingredients in the game, is an essential food item that is needed in a variety of dishes, and you should always try to have a good supply of it on hand, which is what this guide will assist you with. Below you will find the finest place to buy Mint as well as where you may harvest enough of it for free.

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Locations to Find Mint in Genshin Impact

Here’s a complete list of places you may get mint in Genshin Impact.

Serai Island

This Inazuman island is another excellent location for mint cultivation. Mint is not prevalent throughout the island, but it may be found in abundance in certain regions. The Asase Shrine region is quite nice, with around 25 mint placed in and around it.

Gardening in Serenitea Pot

Players can also go to their Serenitea Pot and buy a Jade Field and some mint seeds to develop the resource in their realm. Players can gather the mint and plant more after roughly three days.

Dragonspine, Galesong Hill & Bishui Plain

These three districts of lower Mondstat and higher Liyue have some of the best mints. Dragonspine may be the most densely inhabited mint spot in all of Genshin, but the negative is that it is more difficult to see because Dragonspine is coated in light blue snow that is a similar hue to mint. Mint is most typically found in Dragonspine towards the mountain’s base and along the trail.

Yashiori Island and Kannazuka

The margins of these two Inazuman islands are completely covered in mint, making it one of the finest areas to look at because players can just follow the perimeter of the islands to harvest mint.

Sortmterror’s Lair, Stormbearer Point & Stormbearer Mountains

Stormterror’s Lair, Stormbearer Point, and Stormbearer Mountains are the greatest mint-growing regions in upper Mondtstat. Mint is spread throughout the boundaries and throughout Stormterror’s Lair. Another good place to search is at the very top of Stormbearer Point. A lot of mints grow around tiny amounts of water in the Stormbearer Mountains.

In the Wild

Mint is one of the few materials in Genshin Impact that can be obtained practically anywhere in Teyvat. Mint has a few green stems and leaves, one of which is longer than the others. The tallest stem is covered in mint, which is a vivid blue and easy to recognise in the wild.

A Vendor

Chloris, a seller, offers mint along with various other flowers and fruit. She hangs out in Mondstat’s Windrise region along the path to the left of the Cryo Regisvine, however, she can be difficult to locate because she sprints around the area fairly often. Chloris offers ten mint for 150 Mora each, and her stock is replenished every three days. The region in which she roams is indicated below.

So, those are the spots where you may get mint in Genshin Impact. If you haven’t yet explored the areas, now is the time.

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