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Where to Find Mermaid Gems in Sea of Thieves

Where to Find Mermaid Gems in Sea of Thieves

Mermaid Gems are a highly sought item in the game as they are a source of incredible wealth from gold to reputation. Most trading companies except Sea Dogs will buy it from you due to the assurance of gold. You can find the Mermaid Gems on the shores of islands or stashed inside Fortress Vaults, Shipwrecks, or Skeleton Ships. They can also be found inside Megalodons and Krakens as they eat them. When the Mermaid Gems are destroyed, they release the gemstone, which can be sold for gold and reputation. The gemstone is capable of levelling up any faction in Sea of Thieves. Read further in the guide as we will show you where to find Mermaid Gems in Sea of Thieves and how to sell them.    

Where to Find Mermaid Gems in Sea of Thieves

The Mermaid Gems are not exclusive to one location, you can find them in various places within the game as mentioned above. However, mermaid statues on the shores of islands is a confirmed place to find the gem. It could also be washed up on the water on the shore.

Types of Mermaid Gems

There are three types of Mermaid Gems you can get in the game – the Sapphire Mermaid Gem, the Emerald Mermaid Gem, and the Ruby Mermaid Gem. Sapphire Mermaid Gem can be found by destroying a Sapphire Mermaid Gem Statue and give you 1000 gold coins. Similarly, Emerald Mermaid Gem and Ruby Mermaid Gem can be obtained by destroying their particular gam Statues and gives you 2000 and 3000 gold coins respectively.

In order to obtain the gemstone from the statue you have to destroy it, but anyone that comes close will be cursed. Therefore, you need to have a good amount of food to revive your health. Multiple attempts to destroy will have to be made – back and forth – before the statue gives.   

Where to Sell Mermaid Gems Sea of Thieves

Once you have the gemstone, you need to sell it. You can sell the Mermaid Gems to Commendations such as Hoarder of Sapphire Mermaid Gems, Hoarder of Emerald Mermaid Gems, Hoarder of Ruby Mermaid Gems, Conveyor of Jewels, Seeker of Crystals, and Dealer of Gemstones.

That’s all we have in this guide, we hope you know where to find the Mermaid Gem in Sea of Thieves. Read our other guides on the game for more tips and insights.

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