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Where to Find Master Henry in New World | Exact Location

Master Henry Location in New World

In the New World MMO, there are many quests you need to complete. When you progress the game, in Everfall, Barkeep Polly will give you a quest called Opening Supply Lines. In this quest, you need to kill 10 Undead and their main boss Master Henry. At first, this task seems easy but actually, it is not. Many players find this quest tricky as they have no idea about the exact location of this boss. And so, this guide will help you. We advise you to go through the following guide on the exact Master Henry location in New World and how to complete Opening Supply Lines quests without any mistakes.

Where is Master Henry in New World?

In order to find Master Henry in New World, head to the Eastside from Everfall, and there you will find him on New World Stonetooth Terrace. However, if any other player has already taken out Master Henry before you, then wait for some time and he will be respawned again. You have to be patient as sometimes it may take more time than expected. But, this is the only option to complete the Opening Supply Lines quest successfully.

Opening Supply Lines - Master Henry Location - New World
Opening Supply Lines – Master Henry Location – New World

When he respawns, kill him as quickly as possible as now you have got a chance to kill him. Once you kill the boss along with 10 Undead in Stonetooth Terrace, return in Everfall and go to Barkeep Polly and claim the reward. She will be very pleased as you have completed this task successfully and so she will reward you.

That’s it for this guide on where to find Master Henry in New World – A complete Opening Supply Lines quest.  

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