Where to Find Marcell and His Missing Key in Sniper Elite 5

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The latest installment in the award-winning franchise, Sniper Elite 5, boasts unrivalled sniping, tactical third-person combat, and an upgraded kill cam. Fight your way across the most comprehensive maps ever created, with numerous real-world locations captured in stunning detail and a revolutionary traversal system that lets you explore more of them than ever before.

You’ll be ordered to find Marcell in Sniper Elite 5 at the end of Mission 1: The Atlantic Wall. While the location of his safe house is pretty obvious, the procedure for finding Marcell, grabbing his key, and unlocking his safe is simple to overlook. 

This article will show you how to obtain Marcell’s key in order to secure the secret information and complete the first level of Sniper Elite 5.

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Finding Marcell in Sniper Elite 5 

Marcell’s Safehouse is located in the Mission 1 map’s bottom left corner, in the same town as the Kill List target, Steffen Beckendorf. Sneak or battle your way through the town until you reach the yellow building in the bottom left corner of the map.

You can see a safe hidden beside the bed if you go inside and to the upper bedroom, but you can’t access it without Marcell’s key. To obtain the key and locate Marcell, you must first hear from outside the building. Green vines creep up the front and rear sides of the structure, reaching the unreachable third storey.

Approach the vines’ base and climb up them to reach the higher window and gain entrance to the allied safehouse. In Sniper Elite 5, you’ll discover Marcell here, although he’s died as a result of an injury. He still has his key, which is wonderful news. Search the body for 

Marcell’s key, then get any items you might require from the room. There is also a workshop here where you may personalise your weapons. When you have everything you need, travel upstairs to the smaller chamber and interact with the floor panels to push them out of the way so you can slide down. 

You may now proceed to the bedroom and open the safe, which contains the intelligence files. If you take them, you’ll be charged with infiltrating a tiny farmhouse just north of town.

Marcell’s Missing Key in Sniper Elite 5

So, now that we know where to go for Marcel in Sniper Elite 5, we must address the “Missing Marcell’s Key” issue. This warning will appear if you come across the safe on the floor before finding Marcel’s key. 

However, you may face a handful of flaws that will prohibit you from obtaining the key in the first place. It doesn’t always spawn, and Marcel’s body has nothing to plunder. Another possibility is that you loot the key but it does not appear in your inventory. 

The only solution is to restart the level and, tragically, lose all progress. On the plus side, it appears that the developers are aware of these issues and will offer a remedy shortly.

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