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Where to Find Loot Caves on Fragmentation in Halo Infinite

Where to Find Loot Caves on Fragmentation In Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite multiplayer Beta version is now available for the players and players are also spending a lot of time exploring the world of Halo Infinite and have the experience of different weapons, gadgets, vehicles, etc. Loot Caves are the places where players can find weapons. These Loot Caves are the most mysterious places in the game. In this article, we’ll let you know where to find the Loot Caves in Halo Infinite on Fragmentation.

Loot Cave Locations on Fragmentation – Where to Find

Fragmentation is one of the big maps available in Halo Infinite and it is the map where you can find Loot Caves. Loot Cave contains some excellent weapons that can turn the whole game upside down within a few moments. In Fragmentation, there are a total of two Loot Caves located on the two opposite sides of the map.

The Loot Cave entrances are located amongst the greeneries of the map. It is almost impossible to miss these Caves. Once you reach near the door, you’ll have to interact with the Terminal. As soon as you finish interacting with the terminal, your AI will start hacking the password. Once your AI hacked it successfully, you’ll get access to the Loot Caves.

Inside the Cave, you’ll get grenades, power weapons, regular weapons, etc. Though the items are generated randomly, they always come under these categories. Moreover, all these weapons respawn there after a certain time. So, you can enter the cave a second time to get some new weapons. To enter again, first follow the narrow hallway that is going upward to exit the cave. Next, wait for the Cave’s door to be closed, otherwise, the weapons won’t respawn. Now, follow the same process to re-enter the Cave.

That’s all you need to know about where to find Loot Caves in Halo Infinite. If you are playing Halo Infinite multiplayer version, and don’t understand how to find and enter the Loot Caves in Fragmentation, check out our guide to get help.

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