New World – Where to Find Iron

If you want to get or craft new weapons and armor in New World, you will have to find Iron. Once you have iron, you can turn them into ingots using the smelter at the settlement. The Iron ingots are used to craft various weapons and armor in the game given you have upgraded the Weaponsmiths and Armoring skills and have unlocked the crafting of those weapons. While not important as you start the game, iron is quite essential as you grow ranks and Trade Skills. There are some specific locations in Aethernum where you can find Iron. In this guide, will show you where to find Iron in New World.

Where to Find Iron in New World

While you may not be able to use iron as you start the game, you can still gather it. Later in the game, when you upgrade the mining skill and reach level 25, you will be able to track Iron, but until then, here are the Iron locations in New World.

Iron Locations in New World

To find Iron in New World, you can head to the below locations. But, before you start, you will require a pick axe to mine the Iron, just like any other resource in the game.

  • The Windsward region in Aethernum is particularly rich in iron. Usually, the best place to find the resource is Highlands.
  • The Dankfur Hollow is a great place to find both Silver and Iron. You can get there by heading south of the settlement in Windsward.
  • The next location you can visit is the First Light. When you spawn, a nearby wolf den southeast of First Light has Iron Vein.
  • You can go east of Monarch’s Bluffs Hamlet to find a mining shaft that has some iron nodes. This can be found quite early in the game.
  • Finally, you can get some iron near Leum’s Pick. Spawn at First Light and make your way there. The iron can be found by Northfork point of interest.

So, these are some known locations for Iron in New World, but certainly, they are not the only locations. If you know of a location that we didn’t cover, let us know in the comments.    

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