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Where to Find Gun Powder Location in Far Cry 6

Where to find Gun Powder in Far Cry 6

Fry Cry is one of the long-running FPS games and now Ubisoft has released its latest installment Fry Cry 6. If you want to upgrade your weapons in this game, you will require many resolver materials. The more items you can find throughout the game, the more valuable modifications and attachments you can craft to the weapons, and thus, you can enhance their capabilities. Gunpowder is one of the essential items you will need to find to craft the powerful items in the game. Let’s find out where to find Gun Powder in Far Cry 6.

Gun Powder Location in Far Cry 6 – Where to Find

As we have mentioned, Gun Powder items are very important and valuable material in Far Cry 6 that means it is protected greatly on the island. So, such protected locations are military camps or some other heavily protected locations. However, you can find it exclusively in FND crates that you can find in the military sites and bases. There will be several guards between these containers and you.

On the other hand, you can also find Gun Powder from Supply Drops which can be appeared with some yellow smoke sprawling above them. When they will fall on the ground, they are yours and you can keep them. So, always look at the sky if you want to find them. But we recommend destroying the targets as obtain them in Yara.

That’s all for this guide on Where to Find Gun Powder in Far Cry 6.

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