Where to Find Firefly Jars in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

Where to Find Firefly Jars in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4, Firefly Jars are the passive items. When the Sun sets on the map, players can see the illuminating fireflies in different locations. Players can find the Firefly Jars all over the map but mostly they have no use. Players can throw them to damage their enemies, but it’s not a very effective way. Epic Games still adds the Firefly Jars every season.  In this game catching fireflies is essential for players as it is part of the daily and weekly quests. Therefore, players should know where to find the Firefly Jars in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4. While you play Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4, you can see the Firefly Jars scattered over the map. 

Where Can You Find the Firefly Jars in Fortnite

In every Fortnite season players get so many wepaons and items that they can’t event count. Besides, Epic Games has added some more challenges and quests for players. Firefly Jars are one of the significant items that help players to complete their challenge and level up. The fireflies lit up the Fortnite map in the evenings. These creatures spawn in one place and they don’t move. Players can distinguish them by a small illuminated area. Players need to find the Firefly Jars for the daily or weekly quests. 

In Fortnite, Firefly Jars are such items that you can use for your offense or defense. Players usually use this item to burn down opponents’ crafts and buildings. Well, before you complete your quest, you first need to know where you can find Firefly Jars. You can find the fireflies all across the map of Fortnite. However, besides chasing the fireflies, players can get the Firefly Jars as well. So they always don’t need to fill the jars by themselves. Players can get Firefly Jars from the chests and ground loot randomly.  

In Fortnite, Sunflower Saplings is an unmarked map location in the west of Lustrous Lagoon and north of Chrome Crossroads where players can get Firefly Jars. Here, you can find 3 Firefly Jars that are perfect to complete the daily quest “Collect Fireflies.” If you explore the north part across the bushes, you can find a huge wooden bran-like structure. By using the Firefly Jars you can illuminate the building. As it’s a wood structure the fire spreads quickly. 

Other excellent spots to find Firefly Jars are the woodlands north of the Lustrous Lagoon and the surrounding forest area of Grim Gables. In these areas, players will get many Firefly spawns like Sunflower Saplings. Otherwise, players can find Firefly Jars in random chests. The Jars usually come in three stacks. You should remember that while you collect Firefly Jars in the wild, you will be vulnerable to being ambushed for some moment. Therefore, you must be careful while finding Firefly Jars in Fortnite. 

Apart from these, you can find fireflies near campsites and forests. You can hunt the fireflies at night or dusk as their glowy nature makes them easier to be seen in the dark. 

Once you find a location with some fireflies, you will get close to them and press the interact button. Thus you can put the fireflies in the jar. If you can’t find any fire camp nearby, there are some particular locations where you can find some fireflies. The locations are;

  • Between Greasy Grove and Rockey Reels
  • Between Rave Cave and Shafts
  • Between the Tilted Towers and Creamy Crossroads
  • Between Sleepy Sound and Daily Bugle

In the chests, you can also find a jar full of fireflies. However, it is hard to find as they are rare items. 

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