Where to Find Feathers in Sons of the Forest

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Sons of the Forest is the latest survival horror game released on 23rd February 2023. Though the game is still in early access, it has received massive popularity worldwide. Primarily, players were excited because this is the sequel to The Forest, a 2014 game, but the reviews show that this game has fulfilled the expectations of the players. However, this guide will help you find an important item- Feather in Sons of the Forest.

Feather Location in Sons of the Forest- How to Get?

Sons of the Forest is a survival game, and the key feature of the survival game includes collecting resources and items to make weapons and gear to protect yourself in an adverse world where enemies await at every step. In this game also, players get a crafting system, and the Feather is one of the crafting components that is required to craft Arrows and Bone Arrows.

Feather has its obvious source, which is the birds. In Sons of the Forest also, players will get feathers from the birds, but birds are pretty tricky to catch. They fly away as you approach, so it is better if you go to the seabeaches and kill the seagulls. These birds are comparatively easy to capture.

Feather Location in Sons of the Forest- How to Get

If you are looking for birds to get feathers, let me tell you, using a melee weapon like an axe to kill them won’t be helpful. If you use an axe, you won’t get any feathers, so the most effective way is to throw the spear at them from a distance, and you’ll get at least 3 feathers from a Seagull. Seagulls generally roam in groups, so you will get at least 3 to 4 seagulls each time. It will help you have a good amount of Feathers.

That’s all you need to know about how to get feathers in Sons of the Forest. Once you have enough feathers, you can try making some arrows, of course, if other required resources are in your stock.

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